Causes Behind The Rise Of Ovarian Cancer

Causes Behind The Rise Of Ovarian Cancer:

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Although we are well-acquainted with the fact that ovarian cancer is caused by cell division and multiplication in unordered way, but there are some other causes, to it too. There are some risk factors involved, which can easily accentuate in wide spreading ovarian cancer viruses throughout your body. If you know the causes, then you can curb it down too. In this article, you are about to know more about the factors, which give rise to ovarian cancer. Just try to procure help from medical practitioner, as they can help you to know more about the factors.

Family history matters a lot

Most of the women, who develop this form of cancer, do not have form of inherited gene mutation. Women with close relatives, suffering from ovarian cancer or breast cancer, always have higher risk of developing cancer, when compared to any other women. Most of the time, there are two forms of genes available, and those are BRCA1 and BRCA 2. It can further help in raising the risk factor. These genes can further raise the bar of women, and force them to become victim of breast cancer. These genes are mostly inherited. The current BRCA gene 1 is known to increase the ovarian cancer rate from 35 % to 70%. On the other hand, BRCA 2 is known to increase the risk by 10 to 30%.

Other causes to look for

If you have any close relative suffering from prostate or colon cancer or even uterine cancer, then there are high chances that you might be a victim of ovarian cancer. Genetic screenings have further determined that whenever anyone carries BRCA1 or BRCA 2 genes, then you can easily be a victim of this cancer virus. So, you need to stay prepared accordingly, and try preventing the cells from spreading to other organs of your body.

More on the test mutation

Recent studies have indicated that test for the recent gene mutation increases risk of ovarian cancer or hereditary breast cancer. Moreover, some other tests have recently stated that single form of nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 9 is well linked up to ovarian cancer. The woman, carrying this particular form of SNP has higher chances to catch up ovarian cancer within few years. They mainly have 40% higher chance of becoming a victim to this fatal disease, when compared to other women. In case, they have chromosome 9, then the risk of ovarian cancer grows by 20%.

Age and lifetime ovulations

Most of ovarian cancers take place in women, aged over 65 years. Statistics have indicated that post-menopausal women have developed ovarian cancer more, when compared to all the women, in their pre-menopausal period. On the other hand, you will always find a link between number of ovulations during woman’s life and risk of this cancer cell growth. There are four principles to determine the factor, and those are; never been pregnant, never taken contraceptive pills, early menstruation cycle and late menopause. However, there are some gynecologic surgeries available, which might help in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.

Significant Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Significant Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer:

Being an ovarian cancer patient is tough, as it changes the entire course of your life. From a healthy and fun woman, you turn out to be a weak and feeble person, in just few days. The worst part is that you cannot diagnose ovarian cancer in its primary stages, as the signs are extremely vague. The symptoms make it difficult for even an expert to understand your problems. It is mostly during the advanced stages, when you get to learn about your health issues. During such instances, surgical procedure is the only way to get rid of cancerous cells in your ovary. It takes place in a tumor form, and later spread into other parts of your body.

Reasons to learn your early symptoms

Even if you are suffering from ovarian cancer, you cannot give up hope, can you? Even though it is a fact that the symptoms are quite vague, but it’s important to learn as much as possible, about it. These symptoms and signs will act as preventive measures. The faster you diagnose your problems, the quicker you can get rid of this shackle forever. Therefore, it is vital for you to learn everything about the basic signs of ovarian cancer.

Some early symptoms to work on

Unfortunately, it becomes easy for you to overlook early symptoms of ovarian cancer. Here, the symptoms are more or less similar to other women illnesses, which can come and go anytime. However, some of the early symptoms to watch out for are abdominal pressure, bloating and pain, difficulty in taking food, abnormal fullness just after eating and increase in urination. Even if you are feeling the increasing urge to urinate, then there are high chances, you are suffering from the shackles of ovarian cancer. If you come across any of these problems, it is time for you to consult an oncologist for help. Here, a gynecologic oncologist is your best help.

Other symptoms to watch out for

Apart from the basic symptoms, relevant to ovarian cancer, there are some other causes available too. Some of those are indigestion, fatigue, constipation and even heartburn. In case, you are suffering from unnecessary back pain or menstrual irregularities, then there are high chances that you have attracted ovarian cancer cells. For all the married women, if you are facing painful intercourse, then better consult a doctor, right away! You might now know, but you have been a patient for ovarian cancer for few weeks maybe!

Get to the core

The above-mentioned symptoms might occur in your for various reasons, and not only for ovarian cancer. Most women have any one of this problem or two at one point or another. These symptoms are mostly temporary and will be treated through some simple treatments in majority of cases. However, these problems are going to persist if you are a cancer patient. So, waste no time further and contact your doctor immediately. With passing time, the cancerous tumor will grow, and it will be hard to save your life. It further makes the treatment difficult. So be fast to save your life.

Risk Factors Revolving Around Ovarian Cancer

Risk Factors Revolving Around Ovarian Cancer

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Risk factor is anything, which can change your chance of procuring disease like cancer. As there are various types of cancers available, therefore; the risk factors are going to vary, as well. Unprotected exposure to strong sunlight is risk factor for the skin cancer. Furthermore, smoking can be a risk factor, for other types of cancers. However, risk factors are not going to answer all your questions, relevant to ovarian cancer. You have to go through series of tests and examinations to know where you exactly stand now. Sometimes, your close relatives with breast or ovarian cancer can increase your chances of being a cancer patient, and sometime not. It is an unpredictable disease, which need to be researched thoroughly, before coming to a decision.

Some risk factors to be acquainted with

Even though, it is a tough nut to crack, but still, there are some basic points, which can help in judging your risk factors. The first one in your list will be age. Always remember that risk of ovarian cancer is said to be on higher scale with age. It is a rare disease in women, who is younger than the current 40 years of age bracket. Most of the time women become victims of this fatal disease after their menopause start. You will find maximum 63 aged women and more to suffer from ovarian cancer.

Get to the other points

Once you are through with the age, next is to deal with obesity. Most of the studies have indicated that relationship between ovarian cancer and obesity is quite old. All those obese women with BMI level of minimum 30 are more prone to ovarian cancer. So, staying fit and healthy is the most promising alternative, to get rid of such problem. For that, you can incorporate proper diet plan in your kitty.

More on reproductive history

Once you are through with the age and weight, now it is time to rely on reproductive history. Women, who have become pregnant before 26 years of age, are less prone to this disease than those getting pregnant in later years. Always remember that the risk goes down with full term pregnancy. Therefore, women with full term pregnancy after 35 years or those without being pregnant ever, have higher chances of growing ovarian cancer cells in their bodies. On the other hand, breastfeeding can also reduce your chances of becoming a cancer patient. So, make sure to remember these points.

More on birth control

Women who are taking birth control pills have lower chances of becoming an ovarian cancer patient. You can see this chance after only 3 to 6 months of your medication. The longer you have used the pills, the lower your risk factor will be. It might even continue for years, even after you have stopped taking in the pills. Recent studies have indicated that women using DMPA has lower risk, as well. In case, you try to use this pill for 3 or more years, then you will not catch up with the ovarian cancer viruses.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment And Use Of Zeolite Dust

Ovarian Cancer Treatment And Use Of Zeolite Dust:

After you are through with the diagnostic tests and have gain information about the stages, the cancer team would like to recommend you with either 1 or more than 1 treatment. Some of the main treatments over here are chemotherapy, surgery, targeted therapy, hormone therapy and radiation therapy. Most of the time, either 2 or more than 2 treatments are used together, depending on the stage you are in. it is your duty to consider all the options first, before rushing to a decision. Most of the time, it is vital to rely on gynecologic oncologist for the right treatment, as they have been working on various types of ovarian cancer patients for long.

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More towards the surgery

As ovarian cancer is a crucial form of disease, therefore; people want to get rid of it from the core. For that, surgery is the only positive method, around here. A gynecologic oncologist will perform this surgical procedure, followed by chemotherapy, if needed. Surgery is sometimes needed to find out the extent of this virus. The main aim over here is to provide accurate stage, and provide the right dosage of chemotherapy. For determining the extent, the surgeons will remove tissue samples, lymph nodes and fluid from abdomen.  Some of the surgical names over here are Salpingo Oophorectomy, Lymph node dissection, Hysterectomy, Omentectomy and Cytoreductive or debulking surgery.

More on chemotherapy

Once you are through with the surgical procedure, it’s time to deal with chemotherapy. It is a proficient use of drugs, used for destroying cancer cells. It works by stopping the ability of cancerous cells to grow and divide. It is the duty of a medical oncologist to provide you with chemotherapy services. The systemic chemotherapy enters into bloodstream for reaching cancer cells, throughout your body. This regime mainly comprises of specified form of cycles, through given time. Some types of chemotherapy over here are Adjuvant chemotherapy and Neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Introducing zeolite for treating cancer

In this world of medical science, you might have come across a term zeolite. Nowadays, this drug is defined as the best way to fight those cancerous cells and provide you with a new life. Let’s get to know some points about this product, before adding it in your treatment list. Zeolites are mainly groups of porous forms of minerals, which are mainly found in volcanic ashes and rocks. Previously, this mineral compound was used for dressing external wounds, as it help in blood clothing and stopping bleeding. Nowadays, the same zeolite dust can be used for treating the main cause of cancer. Here, the dust is associated with malignant mesothelioma for treating the cancerous cells.

Sold as dietary supplements

Nowadays, zeolites are mainly sold as dietary supplements. It is promoted heavily all over the internet, as means of removing toxin and heavy metals from your body. The dust particles help in fighting cancer, by currently removing the cancer causing substance to fight body cancer. Always remember to procure help from a gynecologic oncologist for help. However, you need proper dosage of zeolite for help.

Four Different Stages Of Ovarian Cancer

Four Different Stages Of Ovarian Cancer

stages of ovarian cancer

Stage of ovarian cancer helps doctors to realize how far the cancer cell has grown, and if it has spread or not. For that, you need to undergo through a series of tests and scans, for procuring the result. The tests will provide some information about the cancer, and in which stage, it belongs. It is vital for you to rely completely on your specialists, and let them decide on the right kind of treatment, as per the cancer stage. There are simple 1 to 4 staging systems available for diagnosing ovarian cancer. This is defined as FIGO system, after the authors from International Federation of Gynecological Oncologists.

For the stage 1

This is the primary stage of your ovarian cancer, when the cancerous cells are within the ovaries. It is further divided into 3 significant parts.

  • Stage 1a: here, the ovarian cancer cells are within one vary
  • Stage 1b: now, the cancer has spread into both ovaries
  • Stage 1c: other than cancer cells inside the ovaries, there are some on surface of the ovary, as well. There are some other cancer cells in fluid, taken from abdomen’s interior during surgery. This situation might arise when the ovary busts during or just before the surgery.

Now for the second stage

When you have reached the stage 2, it means that ovarian cancer cells have started growing outside the ovaries and within the area circling around hip bones. You might found some cells in the abdomen, as well. This stage is again divided into:

  • 2a: the cells have grown inside womb or fallopian tubes.
  • 2b: cancer has grown into other tissues in pelvis
  • 2c: cancer has surrounded other pelvic tissues and cancer cells are in fluid, as taken from abdomen

Now comes the stage 3

When you are talking about the stage 3 of the ovarian cancer, it means that cancer has spread just outside pelvis region and into abdominal cavity. You can even state stage 3, when the cells are found in lymph nodes in upper abdomen, behind womb or in groin. Divide the state 3 into:

  • 3a: here, cancer growth can be seen in the abdomen lining tissues. For that, you have to use microscope.
  • 3b: you might see some of the visible tumor growth on abdomen lining, which is 2cm across or even smaller than that.
  • 3c: you might even come across larger tumor growths, which are more than 2 cm on abdomen lining. This stage deals with cancer cells inside lymph nodes in groin, upper abdomen or behind womb.

Last stage 4

This stage is the final stage of ovarian cancer, where the cancerous viruses have spread to other parts of your body, as the lungs and liver. This stage is divided into 4a and 4b. in stage 4a, the cancer has caused a fluid hike in lining of lungs. This is mainly termed as pleural effusion. And the stage 4b means that cancerous virus has spread inside spleen or liver. It might have further affected the lymph nodes, outside abdomen, groin and in other organs like lungs.

Ways To Test For Current Ovarian Cancer Statistics

Ways To Test For Current Ovarian Cancer Statistics

ovarian cancer symptoms

So, you have seen the symptoms, and think that you have invited ovarian cancer cells. You cannot be sure unless you have test results in your hand. Therefore, if you ever come across any of the early symptoms, then you must consult a gynecologic oncologist first for help. The doctor is likely to start this procedure with pelvic examination. They are going to inspect the outer part of genitals. After that, they will insert two gloved fingers into vagina and presses hand on abdomen to feel ovaries and uterus. Sometimes, the doctors might use speculum, to be inserted into vagina for checking abnormalities visually.

Some other tests recommended

Apart from this basic checkup, there are some other forms of tests and examinations, mostly recommended by a doctor. They might first start it off with imaging tests. Some of the basic examples are CT scans or ultrasound of the pelvis and abdomen. The main aim of these tests is to determine the shape, size and structure of current ovaries. The oncologist might further ask you to go for blood test. It helps in detecting CA 125 protein, as found on surface of current ovarian cancer cells. On the other hand, the same doctors might recommend surgery procedure.

More onwards surgical procures

This might sound a little bit awkward, but surgical procedures are sometime used for diagnosing the present position of ovarian cancer cells. This method might be a little bit time consuming, but you will end up with positive and accurate results. The main aim of this surgical procedure is to diagnose the perfect stages of ovarian cancer. This surgery will first remove abdominal fluid and tissue sample for confirming diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Sometimes, oncologists might use robotic surgery or invasive surgery for diagnosing the problems. Once cancer is discovered, surgeon can begin the surgical procedure for removing cancer, as much as possible.

Internal examination to watch out for

Your doctor might sometimes want to examine you internally, in case; the ovaries and womb seem normal. You might ask to procure help from a female doctor, if you do not want help from any male expert. Here, the doctors will ask you to lie on back on couch with feet drawn and knees part.  After that, they will put inside fingers into vagina for pressing down abdomen with other hand. This procedure will help them to realize lumps or swellings in womb or ovaries.

Ultrasound might help sometimes

Ultrasound testing is divided into two major sectors; trans-vaginal ultrasound or abdominal ultrasound. Both these methods are used for diagnosing ovarian cancer. It helps you to realize whether the ovaries are in right shape or have swollen, if the texture if ovaries look normal or if there is any cysts present in ovaries. With the help of trans-vaginal ultrasound, you will be able to diagnose, whether any cist comprises of cancer cells in it. Always make sure to learn more about the ovaries and the tests, before coming to a decision. This is going to be an interesting way to solve your problems and start with medications, sooner.