Four Different Stages Of Ovarian Cancer

Four Different Stages Of Ovarian Cancer

stages of ovarian cancer

Stage of ovarian cancer helps doctors to realize how far the cancer cell has grown, and if it has spread or not. For that, you need to undergo through a series of tests and scans, for procuring the result. The tests will provide some information about the cancer, and in which stage, it belongs. It is vital for you to rely completely on your specialists, and let them decide on the right kind of treatment, as per the cancer stage. There are simple 1 to 4 staging systems available for diagnosing ovarian cancer. This is defined as FIGO system, after the authors from International Federation of Gynecological Oncologists.

For the stage 1

This is the primary stage of your ovarian cancer, when the cancerous cells are within the ovaries. It is further divided into 3 significant parts.

  • Stage 1a: here, the ovarian cancer cells are within one vary
  • Stage 1b: now, the cancer has spread into both ovaries
  • Stage 1c: other than cancer cells inside the ovaries, there are some on surface of the ovary, as well. There are some other cancer cells in fluid, taken from abdomen’s interior during surgery. This situation might arise when the ovary busts during or just before the surgery.

Now for the second stage

When you have reached the stage 2, it means that ovarian cancer cells have started growing outside the ovaries and within the area circling around hip bones. You might found some cells in the abdomen, as well. This stage is again divided into:

  • 2a: the cells have grown inside womb or fallopian tubes.
  • 2b: cancer has grown into other tissues in pelvis
  • 2c: cancer has surrounded other pelvic tissues and cancer cells are in fluid, as taken from abdomen

Now comes the stage 3

When you are talking about the stage 3 of the ovarian cancer, it means that cancer has spread just outside pelvis region and into abdominal cavity. You can even state stage 3, when the cells are found in lymph nodes in upper abdomen, behind womb or in groin. Divide the state 3 into:

  • 3a: here, cancer growth can be seen in the abdomen lining tissues. For that, you have to use microscope.
  • 3b: you might see some of the visible tumor growth on abdomen lining, which is 2cm across or even smaller than that.
  • 3c: you might even come across larger tumor growths, which are more than 2 cm on abdomen lining. This stage deals with cancer cells inside lymph nodes in groin, upper abdomen or behind womb.

Last stage 4

This stage is the final stage of ovarian cancer, where the cancerous viruses have spread to other parts of your body, as the lungs and liver. This stage is divided into 4a and 4b. in stage 4a, the cancer has caused a fluid hike in lining of lungs. This is mainly termed as pleural effusion. And the stage 4b means that cancerous virus has spread inside spleen or liver. It might have further affected the lymph nodes, outside abdomen, groin and in other organs like lungs.

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