Ways To Test For Current Ovarian Cancer Statistics

Ways To Test For Current Ovarian Cancer Statistics

ovarian cancer symptoms

So, you have seen the symptoms, and think that you have invited ovarian cancer cells. You cannot be sure unless you have test results in your hand. Therefore, if you ever come across any of the early symptoms, then you must consult a gynecologic oncologist first for help. The doctor is likely to start this procedure with pelvic examination. They are going to inspect the outer part of genitals. After that, they will insert two gloved fingers into vagina and presses hand on abdomen to feel ovaries and uterus. Sometimes, the doctors might use speculum, to be inserted into vagina for checking abnormalities visually.

Some other tests recommended

Apart from this basic checkup, there are some other forms of tests and examinations, mostly recommended by a doctor. They might first start it off with imaging tests. Some of the basic examples are CT scans or ultrasound of the pelvis and abdomen. The main aim of these tests is to determine the shape, size and structure of current ovaries. The oncologist might further ask you to go for blood test. It helps in detecting CA 125 protein, as found on surface of current ovarian cancer cells. On the other hand, the same doctors might recommend surgery procedure.

More onwards surgical procures

This might sound a little bit awkward, but surgical procedures are sometime used for diagnosing the present position of ovarian cancer cells. This method might be a little bit time consuming, but you will end up with positive and accurate results. The main aim of this surgical procedure is to diagnose the perfect stages of ovarian cancer. This surgery will first remove abdominal fluid and tissue sample for confirming diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Sometimes, oncologists might use robotic surgery or invasive surgery for diagnosing the problems. Once cancer is discovered, surgeon can begin the surgical procedure for removing cancer, as much as possible.

Internal examination to watch out for

Your doctor might sometimes want to examine you internally, in case; the ovaries and womb seem normal. You might ask to procure help from a female doctor, if you do not want help from any male expert. Here, the doctors will ask you to lie on back on couch with feet drawn and knees part.  After that, they will put inside fingers into vagina for pressing down abdomen with other hand. This procedure will help them to realize lumps or swellings in womb or ovaries.

Ultrasound might help sometimes

Ultrasound testing is divided into two major sectors; trans-vaginal ultrasound or abdominal ultrasound. Both these methods are used for diagnosing ovarian cancer. It helps you to realize whether the ovaries are in right shape or have swollen, if the texture if ovaries look normal or if there is any cysts present in ovaries. With the help of trans-vaginal ultrasound, you will be able to diagnose, whether any cist comprises of cancer cells in it. Always make sure to learn more about the ovaries and the tests, before coming to a decision. This is going to be an interesting way to solve your problems and start with medications, sooner.


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