Ovarian Cancer Treatment And Use Of Zeolite Dust

Ovarian Cancer Treatment And Use Of Zeolite Dust:

After you are through with the diagnostic tests and have gain information about the stages, the cancer team would like to recommend you with either 1 or more than 1 treatment. Some of the main treatments over here are chemotherapy, surgery, targeted therapy, hormone therapy and radiation therapy. Most of the time, either 2 or more than 2 treatments are used together, depending on the stage you are in. it is your duty to consider all the options first, before rushing to a decision. Most of the time, it is vital to rely on gynecologic oncologist for the right treatment, as they have been working on various types of ovarian cancer patients for long.

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More towards the surgery

As ovarian cancer is a crucial form of disease, therefore; people want to get rid of it from the core. For that, surgery is the only positive method, around here. A gynecologic oncologist will perform this surgical procedure, followed by chemotherapy, if needed. Surgery is sometimes needed to find out the extent of this virus. The main aim over here is to provide accurate stage, and provide the right dosage of chemotherapy. For determining the extent, the surgeons will remove tissue samples, lymph nodes and fluid from abdomen.  Some of the surgical names over here are Salpingo Oophorectomy, Lymph node dissection, Hysterectomy, Omentectomy and Cytoreductive or debulking surgery.

More on chemotherapy

Once you are through with the surgical procedure, it’s time to deal with chemotherapy. It is a proficient use of drugs, used for destroying cancer cells. It works by stopping the ability of cancerous cells to grow and divide. It is the duty of a medical oncologist to provide you with chemotherapy services. The systemic chemotherapy enters into bloodstream for reaching cancer cells, throughout your body. This regime mainly comprises of specified form of cycles, through given time. Some types of chemotherapy over here are Adjuvant chemotherapy and Neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Introducing zeolite for treating cancer

In this world of medical science, you might have come across a term zeolite. Nowadays, this drug is defined as the best way to fight those cancerous cells and provide you with a new life. Let’s get to know some points about this product, before adding it in your treatment list. Zeolites are mainly groups of porous forms of minerals, which are mainly found in volcanic ashes and rocks. Previously, this mineral compound was used for dressing external wounds, as it help in blood clothing and stopping bleeding. Nowadays, the same zeolite dust can be used for treating the main cause of cancer. Here, the dust is associated with malignant mesothelioma for treating the cancerous cells.

Sold as dietary supplements

Nowadays, zeolites are mainly sold as dietary supplements. It is promoted heavily all over the internet, as means of removing toxin and heavy metals from your body. The dust particles help in fighting cancer, by currently removing the cancer causing substance to fight body cancer. Always remember to procure help from a gynecologic oncologist for help. However, you need proper dosage of zeolite for help.

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