Risk Factors Revolving Around Ovarian Cancer

Risk Factors Revolving Around Ovarian Cancer

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Risk factor is anything, which can change your chance of procuring disease like cancer. As there are various types of cancers available, therefore; the risk factors are going to vary, as well. Unprotected exposure to strong sunlight is risk factor for the skin cancer. Furthermore, smoking can be a risk factor, for other types of cancers. However, risk factors are not going to answer all your questions, relevant to ovarian cancer. You have to go through series of tests and examinations to know where you exactly stand now. Sometimes, your close relatives with breast or ovarian cancer can increase your chances of being a cancer patient, and sometime not. It is an unpredictable disease, which need to be researched thoroughly, before coming to a decision.

Some risk factors to be acquainted with

Even though, it is a tough nut to crack, but still, there are some basic points, which can help in judging your risk factors. The first one in your list will be age. Always remember that risk of ovarian cancer is said to be on higher scale with age. It is a rare disease in women, who is younger than the current 40 years of age bracket. Most of the time women become victims of this fatal disease after their menopause start. You will find maximum 63 aged women and more to suffer from ovarian cancer.

Get to the other points

Once you are through with the age, next is to deal with obesity. Most of the studies have indicated that relationship between ovarian cancer and obesity is quite old. All those obese women with BMI level of minimum 30 are more prone to ovarian cancer. So, staying fit and healthy is the most promising alternative, to get rid of such problem. For that, you can incorporate proper diet plan in your kitty.

More on reproductive history

Once you are through with the age and weight, now it is time to rely on reproductive history. Women, who have become pregnant before 26 years of age, are less prone to this disease than those getting pregnant in later years. Always remember that the risk goes down with full term pregnancy. Therefore, women with full term pregnancy after 35 years or those without being pregnant ever, have higher chances of growing ovarian cancer cells in their bodies. On the other hand, breastfeeding can also reduce your chances of becoming a cancer patient. So, make sure to remember these points.

More on birth control

Women who are taking birth control pills have lower chances of becoming an ovarian cancer patient. You can see this chance after only 3 to 6 months of your medication. The longer you have used the pills, the lower your risk factor will be. It might even continue for years, even after you have stopped taking in the pills. Recent studies have indicated that women using DMPA has lower risk, as well. In case, you try to use this pill for 3 or more years, then you will not catch up with the ovarian cancer viruses.

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