Causes Behind The Rise Of Ovarian Cancer

Causes Behind The Rise Of Ovarian Cancer:

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Although we are well-acquainted with the fact that ovarian cancer is caused by cell division and multiplication in unordered way, but there are some other causes, to it too. There are some risk factors involved, which can easily accentuate in wide spreading ovarian cancer viruses throughout your body. If you know the causes, then you can curb it down too. In this article, you are about to know more about the factors, which give rise to ovarian cancer. Just try to procure help from medical practitioner, as they can help you to know more about the factors.

Family history matters a lot

Most of the women, who develop this form of cancer, do not have form of inherited gene mutation. Women with close relatives, suffering from ovarian cancer or breast cancer, always have higher risk of developing cancer, when compared to any other women. Most of the time, there are two forms of genes available, and those are BRCA1 and BRCA 2. It can further help in raising the risk factor. These genes can further raise the bar of women, and force them to become victim of breast cancer. These genes are mostly inherited. The current BRCA gene 1 is known to increase the ovarian cancer rate from 35 % to 70%. On the other hand, BRCA 2 is known to increase the risk by 10 to 30%.

Other causes to look for

If you have any close relative suffering from prostate or colon cancer or even uterine cancer, then there are high chances that you might be a victim of ovarian cancer. Genetic screenings have further determined that whenever anyone carries BRCA1 or BRCA 2 genes, then you can easily be a victim of this cancer virus. So, you need to stay prepared accordingly, and try preventing the cells from spreading to other organs of your body.

More on the test mutation

Recent studies have indicated that test for the recent gene mutation increases risk of ovarian cancer or hereditary breast cancer. Moreover, some other tests have recently stated that single form of nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 9 is well linked up to ovarian cancer. The woman, carrying this particular form of SNP has higher chances to catch up ovarian cancer within few years. They mainly have 40% higher chance of becoming a victim to this fatal disease, when compared to other women. In case, they have chromosome 9, then the risk of ovarian cancer grows by 20%.

Age and lifetime ovulations

Most of ovarian cancers take place in women, aged over 65 years. Statistics have indicated that post-menopausal women have developed ovarian cancer more, when compared to all the women, in their pre-menopausal period. On the other hand, you will always find a link between number of ovulations during woman’s life and risk of this cancer cell growth. There are four principles to determine the factor, and those are; never been pregnant, never taken contraceptive pills, early menstruation cycle and late menopause. However, there are some gynecologic surgeries available, which might help in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.

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